Virginia’s Leaders in Advanced LASIK and Cataract Surgery

And the treatment of Glaucoma, Corneal, and Retinal Disorders

Dr. Ken Lipstock, Ophthalmologist Surgeon M.D. and Dr. Garth Stevens, Ophthalmologist Surgeon M.D.


Our doctors have dedicated their professional lives to providing their patients with the safest and most precise solutions for their unique visual needs. Their passionate pursuit of excellence have driven them to tirelessly study and research which diagnostic and surgical  technologies are best, and have spared no expense to bring them to Richmond, VA. They have also brought together an exceptional team with a like-minded commitment to excellence. This team is driven by a compassion for our patients with the health of their eyes as its number one goal and the ease, convenience, and results of their surgical experience as its mission.

As leaders in vision surgery, our team has performed thousands of procedures many of which were first performed in Virginia by us. We specialize in many forms of vision surgery and treatment with a specialized focus on Laser Vision Correction such as LASIK and PRK and Refractive Cataract Surgery, as well as the treatment of glaucoma and corneal and retinal disorders.

Facts About Kenneth Lipstock, M.D.

  • MCV/VCU medical school and Ophthalmology residency
  • International fellow under Luiz Ruiz, the inventor of the LASIK instrument that made LASIK possible
  • Director of MCV Department of LASIK

LASIK Firsts:

  • First Virginia surgeon to perform LASIK
  • First Virginia surgeon to correct astigmatism with LASIK
  • First Virginia surgeon to correct farsightedness with LASIK
  • Only U.S. surgeon to perform a bifocal LASIK procedure
  • First Richmond surgeon to perform blade-free LASIK
  • First Richmond LASIK surgeon to utilize the revolutionary iDesign LASIK technology
  • First surgeon in Virginia, along with Dr. Stevens, to routinely provide topical anesthesia for cataract surgery
  • First comprehensive research presented internationally explaining the theoretical risks and benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery. This groundbreaking work helped influence the way surgeons think about laser assisted cataract surgery worldwide.

A photo of Dr. Garth Stevens

Garth Stevens, M.D.

  • UVA medical student
  • Henry Ford Hospital ophthalmology residency
  • NIH ocular immunology fellowship
  • Georgetown University Cornea fellowship
  • Full-time faculty of MCV Dept of Ophthalmology 1995-2000
  • Private practice in Richmond, VA for very complex cataract and corneal procedures and is referred by other eye surgeons throughout the state of Virginia for very complex cataract and corneal surgery.


  • First in Virginia to perform several minimally invasive corneal transplant techniques such as DLEK, DSEK, DMEK and DWEK
  • First in Virginia to perform laser-assisted cataract surgery
  • Along with Dr. Lipstock, the first in Virginia to routinely perform topical anesthesia for cataracts surgery
  • First in Virginia to perform the Yamane technique to support displaced intraocular lenses
  • First in Richmond to use the XEN surgical technology during cataract surgery for advanced glaucoma
  • First in Richmond to perform corneal collagen cross-linking for the treatment of corneal keratoconus