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“I chose Dr Lipstock to perform my Lasik over 5 years ago. I’m very pleased with my results. I recommend to anyone thinking of Lasik to visit Dr Lipstock. I had talked with 3 other Lasik providers in the Richmond area before choosing Dr Lipstock. His entire team of professionals helped assure me I made the right choice in selecting Dr Lipstock. When it comes to your gift of sight, you want the best to perform this procedure. Thank you Dr Lipstock.”

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What can LASIK Do?

LASIK is a great alternative for many people who want the opportunity to experience freedom from glasses and contacts. LASIK is FDA approved to provide a customized correction for a wide range of Nearsightedness, Farsightedness and Astigmatism prescriptions.

How We See

In normal vision, the cornea refracts (bends light) so it focuses properly on the retina. Refractive errors is the term used when the cornea does not refract light properly onto the retina.

  • Nearsightedness occurs when the cornea is too steep.
  • Farsightedness occurs when the cornea is too flat.
  • Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is oval-shaped instead of spherical.

The LASIK Procedure

LASIK uses lasers to reshape the curvature of the cornea and solve refractive errors.


During the Procedure

What to expect before, during, and after LASIK

Before Before

A comprehensive eye exam will be performed to determine if LASIK is right for you. It involves a variety of tests to check the health of your eyes and a thorough review of your medical history.

Procedure day Procedure day

You’ll be given an oral relaxation medicine before your procedure and numbing eye drops will be applied to your eyes to keep them comfortable throughout the procedure.

You will feel some pressure on your eye when the flap is created – a sensation that usually lasts less than a minute. Dr. Lipstock will typically treat both eyes during the same visit.

After After

After your procedure, a staff member will tape clear plastic shields over your eyes. Then, you will go home to rest. You will need someone to drive you home.

Some blurriness and fluctuation of vision is common during recovery and should diminish with time.

Use eye drops recommended by Dr. Lipstock to keep your eyes healthy, comfortable, and lubricated. You will be able to return to work quickly and most patients are able to return to work the day after their procedure.

Over 99% of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or better!*

At Lipstock LASIK & Cataract Center, our life-changing LASIK results are unmatched. Over 99% of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or better!*

*The results reported are for men and women ages 18 to 39 for mild to high nearsightedness

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