Schedule a Free LASIK Consultation


Due to Covid-19 our office is temporarily providing emergency care only for our patients. Therefore we are postponing the free LASIK consultations until further notice. Our staff is available by phone to answer any questions you may have about LASIK. We are hopeful and expecting to reopen our general schedule soon as Richmond gets the COVID-19 situation well under control. Be safe and we hope to see you all soon. 

                         ~Dr. Ken Lipstock

If you have cataracts or are currently 60 years or older, please call us at 804-288-1543 as we have certain medical questions we need to ask.

Come in for a free LASIK consultation! During the consultation, we’ll help you decide if LASIK vs PRK is right for you. The consultation is also an opportunity to discuss cost and financing options. It only takes an hour, and we won’t dilate your eyes or perform other tests that prevent you from the carrying on with your day.

Enter the “Save1000” reference code while booking your Free LASIK Consultation below. $1000 savings is off the Precision Plan for both eyes ($500 off per eye).

If times shown in the online scheduler do not work with your schedule, please call 804-288-1543 and ask for the Surgical Coordinator for more options.