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If you have cataracts or are currently 60 years or older, please call us at 804-288-1543 as we have certain medical questions we need to ask.

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Learn all about LASIK from the comfort of your home or while at work with a personalized FREE virtual consultation with Karen Holm – our LASIK Surgical Coordinator. Karen has 20 years of experience working with our LASIK patients before, during, and after surgery.

During your consultation with Karen, she will discuss pricing information, various laser vision correction options including our newest iDesign 2.0 software, and if you are a likely LASIK candidate. It is helpful to have your contact lens information or a recent glasses prescription available for this call.

Call Karen now at 804-288-1543 for your personal consultation or schedule one online. Karen can also schedule you a FREE comprehensive LASIK examination with Dr. Lipstock.

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