Can I Wear Makeup After Cataract Surgery?

Can I Wear Makeup After Cataract Surgery?

A woman wears makeup after cataract surgery

During cataract surgery recovery, patients should avoid wearing makeup. Many patients then wonder, “So, when can I wear eye makeup after cataract surgery?” or “ How long should you wait after cataract surgery to start wearing makeup in general again?”

There is no set rule for how long you should wait, but Dr. Lipstock recommends patients avoid makeup entirely (including powders, eye makeup, and foundation) for at least two weeks after surgery. You may need to wait even longer to apply eye makeup after surgery. Since eyes heal at different speeds, always ask your doctor before applying even minimal makeup after surgery.

Why can’t you wear eye makeup after surgery?

Doctors realize that wearing makeup is an important part of many people’s daily routine, and it’s difficult to stop wearing it completely. That is why cataract surgery and makeup can be a difficult topic. So why do doctors insist on avoiding makeup after eye surgery? Getting makeup particles or even tap water in the eye increases your risk of infection, so you must take extra precautions post-surgery. By waiting two or more weeks to apply makeup, you give your eyes a chance to heal and reduce the chance of infection. Also, Dr. Lipstock usually uses a tiny incision that requires no stitches. When you remove the makeup or for any other reasons you should be careful not to press on the eye itself for the first several weeks after surgery.

New Makeup Shopping After Surgery

Once you’re cleared by your doctor to wear makeup again, you’ll likely want to purchase new makeup as a further precaution against infection. Bacteria builds up in makeup as it ages and can cause eye infections. While you’re at it, don’t forget to clean your brushes, which also hold bacteria!

Makeup after cataract surgery is just one facet of recovery. To learn more about cataract surgery recovery or vision correction surgery, contact Lipstock LASIK & Cataract Center today.

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