Is LASIK Safe During Pregnancy?

Is LASIK Safe During Pregnancy?

The short answer is no — LASIK surgery is not recommended during pregnancy for several reasons, including how hormones impact the success and the effects of medications on developing babies. 

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant, are expecting, or you’re already a new mother, you’ll want to be informed of the effects of LASIK before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Lasik Surgery While Pregnant

Because women experience hormonal fluctuations while pregnant, their eyes are subject to change, which makes the results of LASIK surgery less predictable. Eye surgeons will want to treat the person’s real prescription and not a temporary change. 

In addition to unpredictable outcomes, getting LASIK while pregnant also involves taking the medications that are administered during surgery and for healing. Common medications required for the procedure include: 

  • Sedatives
  • Antibiotic eye drops
  • Steroid eye drops

While many doctors may reassure their patients that sedatives are harmless for pregnant women, the FDA warns that anesthesia and sedatives can affect a child’s developing brain if the mother is in her third trimester.

Ophthalmic medications including antibiotic and steroid eye drops aren’t near as risky as taking other types of medicines while pregnant; however, some studies have revealed they can cause eye pain and blurry vision. Also, some women experience dry eyes during pregnancy, and these eye drops may not help. 

Can I do LASIK while Trying to Conceive?

While it’s not recommended to get LASIK during pregnancy, it’s safe to undergo the surgery if you’re currently trying to conceive. Your eyes won’t be susceptible to hormonal changes and the medications administered won’t have a negative impact (unless your doctor has said otherwise). 

However, you’ll want to visit your doctor prior to LASIK surgery to confirm that you’ve not already conceived.  

How soon after pregnancy can you get LASIK?

Even during postpartum, it’s suggested to wait a few months before considering LASIK eye surgery. Lipstock LASIK will treat new mothers as soon as six weeks after birth. 

Can you get LASIK while nursing? 

It’s sometimes recommended to wait until after you’ve finished breastfeeding to get LASIK surgery, because women can still experience hormone fluctuations during this time. Many doctors will perform the surgery earlier, including Dr. Lipstock.


If you’re weighing whether LASIK is right for you, schedule a free LASIK consultation today! You’ll receive personalized insight as well as the opportunity to discuss financing options.  

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