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dr_lipstock.jpgDr. Kenneth Lipstock is one of Richmond's leading LASIK and PRK surgeons and cataract specialists. He has served Richmond’s vision care needs since 1986 and has performed over 15,000 successful vision correction procedures.

As a comprehensive ophthalmologist, Dr. Lipstock provides a full range of advanced eye care services, including LASIK, PRK, blended vision, ‘No Needle, No Stitch, No Patch’ cataract surgery, glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye, corneal and retinal disease, comprehensive eye exams and more.

  • Winner of multiple national and local top doctor awards
  • Personally meets and cares for every patient, from initial consultations to post-surgical appointments
  • Co-founder of the International Center of Refractive Surgery in 1996, a surgeon training center for LASIK, along with with Luiz Ruiz, M.D., the inventor of the microkeratome instrument that made LASIK possible
  • First ophthalmologist to perform LASIK in Virginia in 1995
  • First surgeon in Richmond to perform Blade-free Custom LASIK in 2005
  • One of the only surgeons in the world to perform bifocal LASIK
  • Internationally recognized for his research on laser-assisted cataract surgery
  • Has performed LASIK on his wife, two of his children and all the eligible employees of Lipstock LASIK & Cataract Center
  • Treats cases referred by other LASIK surgeons and has a well-founded reputation among his peers as one of the leading eye surgeons in the region

Dr. Lipstock’s Research Studies 

In 2011 Dr. Lipstock presented the results of two studies he initiated and performed in the area of cataract surgery and presbyopia (regarding how to perform cataract surgery to best enable one to see both far and near without glasses) at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) symposium.

In 2014 he independently researched the new and very controversial subject of laser-assisted cataract surgery. This study has been hailed as the first unbiased comprehensive review of the scientific evidence for and against the use of femtosecond laser technology for cataract surgery.

To read a copy of the laser-assisted cataract surgery review, click here

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