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LASIK & PRK Pricing

$250 LASIK is Available…

To put it into perspective view Dr. Lipstock’s in-depth discussion on the subject:

Do I Juggle Price Over Quality? What Are My Options?


The two big questions most people ask about LASIK or PRK (commonly referred to as Laser Vision Correction or LVC) once they know they’re a candidate are:

  1. “Can I afford LVC on my budget?”
  2. “Do I have to juggle quality of outcome with cost?”

The answers to these questions will be determined by the LVC center you choose. But don’t base your decision on price alone.

The appearance of corporate LASIK centers in the Richmond area has prompted some patients to put their eyesight, patient experience and wallets in jeopardy due to the nature of their business model:

  • The low advertised prices for LASIK are only for a very low refractive error; most patients do not qualify for the “deal” and are surprised when their final cost for treatment is significantly higher than they expected.
  • Corporate vision correction centers do not always use blade-free technology for the creation of the corneal flap in LASIK, but rather use a bladed microkeratome approach for their low-priced categories.
  • Enhancements, if needed after LASIK, are not typically included for free.
  • Surgeons do not meet with – or care for – patients before or after surgery. They are only in the office to perform surgery, and they are often flown in from out-of-state.


Lipstock LASIK & Cataract Center is NOT a Corporate LASIK Center. Dr. Lipstock does not answer to shareholders; he is the owner of the Center and sets our high standards. He makes high quality, high technology LASIK affordable and is up-front with his pricing approach. You will never experience a “bait-and-switch” effect at our office.

Watch Charles’ LASIK Experience. Dr. Lipstock corrected his vision after having LASIK at a corporate center.

Dr. Lipstock sees every patient before, during and after surgery to ensure every patient achieves the “20/Happy” vision results they desire.

Multiple Laser Vision Correction Pricing Levels

We are proud to offer our patients multiple Laser Vision Correction pricing levels to accommodate budgetary constraints for all of our patients.

Our pricing structure ranges from $250/eye to $2,550/eye*.

Pricing and procedure is dependent on each patient’s unique refractive measurements, which will be determined during a complimentary LASIK Consultation. Every pricing level includes blade-free technology.

Entry Level Plan for Blade-free LASIK or PRK

A)     $250/eye | ≤ -1.00 Nearsightedness and ≤ 1.00 Astigmatism

  • Blade-Free LASIK
  • Conventional VISX Excimer Software
  • 6 Months of Follow-up Care.
  • Free Enhancements Not Included

B)     $995/eye | -1.00 to-2.00 Nearsightedness and  ≤ 1.00 Astigmatism

  • Blade-Free LASIK
  • Conventional VISX Excimer Software
  • 6 Months of Follow-up Care
  • Free Enhancements Not Included

C)     $1,750/eye for all prescriptions | ≥ -2.00 Nearsightedness and ≥1.00 Astigmatism (for Nearsighted, Farsighted or Mixed Astigmatism Patients)

  • Blade-Free LASIK
  • Wavefront Guided VISX Excimer Software**
  • 6 Months of Follow-up Care
  • Free Enhancements Not Included

Standard Vision Plan for Blade-free LASIK or PRK

  • $2,250/eye
  • All Refractive Error Corrections
  • Wavefront Guided VISX Excimer Software**
  • 12 Months of Follow-Up Care
  • Free Enhancements for Up to 1 Year

Precision Plan for Blade-free LASIK or PRK with 20/20 Money Back Guarantee

  • $2,550/eye
  • All Refractive Error Corrections
  • Wavefront Guided VISX Excimer Software**
  • Free Enhancements for 18-24 Months
  • 24 Months of Follow-up Care.

*Amount of nearsightedness is as expressed in the first number of the prescription determined by Dr. Lipstock at the time of your complete examination (“pre-surgical testing exam”).  This number is a negative number with a minus sign.  The amount of astigmatism is the second number which has a positive sign. This is followed by an X and a number; this is the axis of astigmatism and is irrelevant for pricing criteria.   (Eg. -1.00 +.75 x 180 (nearsighted amount 1.00 and astigmatism amount is .75.)

**Wavefront technology will be usually used for ELP-C and SVP and PP, but in rare circumstances for nearsighted patients and for the dominant eye of presbyopic farsighted patients Dr. Lipstock may find that conventional software may actually be preferable.  For blended vision presbyopic farsighted patients the non-dominant eye set for near will not uncommonly have a superior result with the conventional software.

LVC Financing

The cost of state-of-the-art, Blade-free Custom LASIK at Lipstock LASIK & Cataract Center is available to you as low as $38 per month.

Lipstock LASIK & Cataract Center offers some of Virginia’s most generous extended payment financing options for LASIK and other vision correction technologies.  These options make LASIK work within the budget of most working households.

  • 0% Interest Payment Plans  We offer 0% interest financing for 12 months, which works out at approximately $6 per day for both eyes…possibly what you’re already spending each day on coffee and snacks.
  • Extended Payment Plans – 18 – 60 month term plans with fixed monthly payments, low annual percentage rate, no pre-payment penalty.

Paying for it already? An Insurance Industry survey in 2007 estimated that lens-wearers will spend up to $12,000 over the next 10 years for new prescriptions and frames, new contacts, solutions, preparations, and replacements. That price adds up over time, compared to the one-time cost of LVC in Richmond at a little more than a quarter of that total.




Flex Plans/Health Savings Account

Flex Plans are the very best way to pay for LVC. If you or your spouse has a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account at work, you can use pre-tax dollars for your LVC and still take advantage of our 0% financing for up to 12 months – and Dr. Lipstock’s 20/20 Money Back Guarantee.

How it Works 

FSAs are not just a savings account. They save you money by decreasing the amount of taxes you pay.

Money set aside in an FSA escapes federal and state income tax and Social Security tax. For instance, if you make $35,000 per year and pay 16% Federal Tax, 6% State Tax, and 7.65% FICA Tax, your total payroll taxes would be $10,377. However, if you contribute $3,000 to your FSA you would pay the same percent of taxes on only $32,000. This would give you net savings of approximately $900. The higher your tax bracket, the more you save. By law, the maximum amount you can contribute to an FSA is $5,000, but most companies limit contributions to $2,000 or $3,000.

Have your LVC surgery now. Most companies allow you to spend the money at any time during the year without the full amount having accumulated in the account.

The most important point to know about using your FSA is that you MUST make sure you are a good candidate for vision correction surgery BEFORE you set aside any money in your plan. Schedule your complimentary LVC Consultation right away and we’ll help you work out how to use your pre-tax Flex Plan dollars.

Flex Plans or Health Savings Accounts are not only recession proof but you can save up to 50% on blade-free LASIK – and they come with guaranteed approval. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? It gets even better because you don’t need any cash to get started.

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